Thursday, July 26, 2007

Trisha's Garden

This is a plein air painting I painted in my dear friend Trisha's back yard. I think I did a pretty good job with the green variations. They are so hard to work with. The day was very bright and sunny. I think the urn and pedestal in the foreground reflects just how bright it is. Painting en plein air( in the open air) has become a passion for me. I used to paint from photo's almost exclusively. I still like too, but with a photo all of the information is right there compacted in front of you. Now don't get me wrong I like it, and you can still tweak it to make it even more your own in a painting, which is sometimes a comfort for me. But, painting with all of the outdoors in front of your canvas, with nature in it's true colors and all of it's splendor, noises and distractions included is very challenging. The light changes so fast, the bugs swarm, it can be hot or cold. But it is so wonderful! To me as an artist nothing else compares. It doesn't really matter I guess as long as I am painting in some form or fashion.
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