Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beach Colors 4

This is the last in this series that I have finished. I do plan on painting more of this subject. I am really trying to work on the values (lights and darks) in my paintings I can see myself doing some neutral palette value studies in the near future. The journey never ends in the struggle for growth as an artist...sound like I have been to a workshop? Well, I have been to the dream workshop of a lifetime with the Cumberland Society of Painters in Leipers Fork,Tennessee. A priceless experience when you consider the amount of knowledge and experience these giving artists shared with us. Thank goodness for artists that are willing to share and teach us what they know. I really learned so much and now I can look at all of my paintings here and see mistakes I have made as well as some good things I have done. The main thing is I can take what I have relearned I will say, because having a degree in art education, I truly know better I just have not been applying the knowledge to my work. I am excited to grow as an artist everyday. This is such a joy for me.
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