Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fabian's Girls


During these hot days of summer I am hibernating inside. It is hard to find subject matter when you want to paint people and not still life's all of the time. I have been scanning for ideas and I have found some wonderful photos. I am always respectful of artists copyrights and I always ask permission to use a photo. Everyone has been so kind and allowed me to do so. This painting is from a wonderful photographer named Fabian Gehweiler please take a look at his photos they are wonderful. I am happy with the way the painting turned out. I tried to create the effect of the white hot summer heat as the ladies were walking on the hot pavement and I think I did a pretty good job. Thanks again Fabian!
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Anonymous said...

You're welcome ! I love how you "translated" it into a painting !
Very beautiful, you did a great job :-)


Anonymous said...


This is beautiful! No wonder I haven't heard from you. I've missed you but I am so impressed with what you have been doing. Well, we really aren't clones because I can't draw a straight line. You go, girlfriend!

Clone Wannabe