Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wishing For A Tuscan Sun-day


I wish I were in Tuscany! It is funny how I have the actual painting right here! I didn't see a major flaw until I looked at it on the blog. Maybe it is the way color transfers from the canvas to the computer but it looks like a long neutral gray tube of upper sky instead of gently fading into the clouds. Other than that it is not a bad painting. Keep in mind these are all very quick small painting studies. These are my little lessons to look at each day and to help me grow as an artist. 6x8 oil
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Cindy L. Whittington said...

I love the sky in this painting. My sister loves sunflowers. Tuscany for sure. This is a beautiful painting Nancy!

n. rhodes harper said...

Why thankyou ms.Cindy W. I know your sister, and you too! You precious niece!