Monday, October 22, 2007

The Candy Store Is Calling


A study of an old building in Eureka Springs, Ar. that now houses a candy shop. A very sunny day. I tried to create a lot of reflection to portray how bright the sun is. When I was a small child my dad was a sign painter and he painted a large sign on the side of this building. He was helping out a friend who was also a sign painter. The man called himself By Golly and signed all of his work that way. He was originally from Switzerland and he had very long white hair and beard, he also wore knee high boots. To thank my dad he gave him a fruit cake. Well I was sure he was Santa Claus because of the way he looked and the fruit cake sealed the deal. I also equated Golly with Jolly. I had a wonderful, colorful childhood. 6x8 oil
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