Monday, November 5, 2007

Ken Auster's Workshop

I was asked by Mark from Dallas about my workshop experience with Ken. I thought I would just post a reply here in case other's were thinking the same things. I had been nervous for months before this workshop. When you respect an artist so much they almost become like a superstar in your mind. At least in my mind. Would I be over my head and not on a level to understand or keep up in this workshop? Well, I was pleasantly surprised on the very first day. Ken likes to put things in terms everyone can understand. He does not use a lot of artsy jargon. He basically tells you everything he knows about painting in a very short time and you can absolutely understand and retain the information. All levels of artists take his workshops. He does a lot of demos and lectures while he is painting, wasting no time. He is receptive to any question, even if you think it is a dumb one ask it, you would be surprised at how much information comes from a question you may think as dumb. I believe there are no dumb questions when you are trying to learn and grow as an artist. We experienced bad weather so our painting time outside en plein air was limited. He made the rounds to every person offering really helpful ideas in a very non intimidating way. You will enjoy his humor. He is very straight forward, very laid back and wow can he crank out a demo in a very short time. He loves a lot of paint and will push you to be free and more loose in your painting. If you are a very neat person who uses little dabs of paint and never gets dirty and paranoid if your brushes aren't clean, he may be shocking to you. He doesn't wash brushes EVER! He uses wax paper as a palette and throws it away when finished. All in all he is very liberating in the process. If you get a chance to take a workshop from Ken by all means do it! You will learn so much and be so inspired, I guarantee you will grow as an artist. Hope this helps Mark! Go for it. His dvd is well worth the money and if you are signed up for a class you get a discount. Although I couldn't swing it myself this time, he discounts his demos for students to 50% off! Now, I am just a fan and I am not on his payroll, LOL! See ya...

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