Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Secrets He Knows

I used a lot of paint on this one and I had fun. I am posting this but it isn't really finished I need to correct the mouth. I am still trying to go between windows and mac because I am too hooked on my little blog button in picasa which they don't have for a mac at this time. So confusing to me but I am learning!
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Mark Bridges said...

I saw your comments on Karin's blog about Ken Auster. Did you feel that Ken covered every thing you needed in releation to your skill at this time? I want to take his workshop in the spring, but i'm not sure if he will be over my head. Did he "help you out" make thoughtful suggestions? If you could give a review of how the workshop went for you.
mark in Dallas

n. rhodes harper said...

Thanks for your comment Mark. I will go and post a review of the workshop on my blog. Above all, yes take the workshop!