Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Captured And Captivated Plus Redo

When I look at favorite artists works, I can recognize them without looking at the name. I don't feel I have that and it is a constant struggle for me to figure out where I belong. I like to paint in different ways, different subjects and experiment but I want to create a home so to speak. It drives me crazy.This is an 8x10 oil still wet. ©2008 For sale soon.

I went back and changed some things the first one was too tight and cartoonish. Never mind I don't like either of them!!! Experimental Not For Sale


Susan Carlin said...

Gosh, I love both versions!

n. rhodes harper said...

Thankyou Susan, you are too generous! I tried to fix it and it went down hill from there. It did photograph darger and oranger than it is. How are things on the R.Walk going with your gallery?