Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Perfect Brush (This is a photo not a painting)

I wish I had painted this! Maybe I will try it. I happened to wonder into the Plaza Art Store in Nashville the other day. Which for me is like swimming in a chocolate fountain. I was looking for a brush like Kim English was using in our workshop. I thought perhaps if I used a similar brush I could channel his talent through my right hand. Suddenly there she was(yes she, this brush is perfect so it's a she!) A number 14 mongoose filbert Raphael by Kevrin made in France. She was on sale for 40% off which was even better. So I bought her and a couple of other sizes and came home to my studio. Well, I love this brush! The shape holds thin or thick, holds a good amount of paint and is easy to twist and turn. I believe we are bonded for life. My paintings have improved and I will be posting soon. The improvement is due to some torturous exercises that Kim English put us through, though. He gave us 5 minutes to map in a whole scene with a live model and as soon as the timer went off we had to start a fresh one. Over and over, maybe 30 or 40 times, for 5 days. What a great exercise to loosen you up. Kim premixes all of his paints after looking at the scene he is going to paint. He is a wonderful teacher and a really nice guy. We had a lot of fun. Look him up and find where he is giving a workshop and try to take one if you can. Oh yes, he painted me one day, as a quick study. I bought the painting and I will be posting it soon. Too much fun for one person to have, I am so blessed.

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Mark Bridges said...

Hi Nancy. Sounds like it was a super workshop. I'd like to see some of those 5 min. warm ups. Do you think you'll still use them or not? Any other mental block breakers?I'm nosey. I didn't write down Karin's brush and was wondering if i had one in my box. American painter by loew cornell?