Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little Spys Among Us 3


I like the bright light in this piece. I do plan to do more in this series but today I will move on to another subject. I am taking another workshop next week with Elio Camacho. This one will be a floral workshop, indoors. Thank goodness!My goal in my figurative work is to be loose and expressive and to still capture a realism of the subject. I wish I had the patience to paint a photo realistic piece but I don't, it makes me feel tense to try. When I look at other artists works and try to learn from studying them, I think wow they have their own signature style and I never felt I had that. Now, I think that I finally can see my own style coming through. Karin Jurick is my inspiration and mentor. I love her as a person and of course as an artist. She is just so gifted, it all comes natural and instinctive to her. 2008 8x10 oil on board $175.00
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