Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daddy and Me

As I was painting this from an old vintage photo (although this is not a painting of my dad and me), I noticed how much the little girl looked like I did when I was young. My dad was a sign painter and our shop was on the town square. One special birthday he took me by the hand and we walked over to the Western Auto Store and he bought me a beautiful blue westernflyer bicycle. I was so excited and happy. I could barely reach the pedals but I rode my bike around the town square buzzing my little bike horn so everyone would see me and my new bike. Things like that were hard to come by for a sign painter in a small town supporting a wife and six kids so I really know how my dad sacrificed for me to have that bike so I could be like the other kids in the neighborhood. My dad sadly passed away the summer of my 12th birthday and the memory of that day is one of my fondest. My inspiration and certainly my painterly eye comes from my dad. Thank you Daddy! 9x12 oil on linen on gatorboard. c2008
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Art with Liz said...

What a lovely story to go with a lovely painting!

n. rhodes harper said...

Thank you Liz! Maybe it is age that makes me so reflective. I wonder if I subconsciously made the little girl look like me?

Edward Burton said...

Wonderful painting, Nancy, and what a wonderful memory.

n. rhodes harper said...

Thanks Edward, Maybe it is an age thing but I seem to see more memories in my paintings lately.

johnsrhodes said...

Yes Nancy the little girl does look like you when you were small.
WoW a new bicycle way to go!!!
great painting Too.

With Much Love Brother Johnny

n. rhodes harper said...

Thank you Johnny I love you!