Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hard Cider

I love my new turquoise dishes from target and I am having fun painting them. I am a die hard braeburn apple fan but these empires are pretty good as well. The colors in them are so lush and brilliant. Who couldn't resist painting them?
6x6 oil on hardboard c.2009 $110.00 at Boundless Gallery
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Art with Liz said...

Absolutely love this and what a great title! You get such lovely thick paint and glowing colours.

n. rhodes harper said...

Thanks Liz. I thought now how do I tell the story of an apple on top of a coffee cup? OK hard cider. lol I use classic artist oils they are wonderful buttery paints. I buy mine in caulk tube size because I use little boxes that look like weekly pill boxes and squirt my paint in those and keep them underwater when not in use. You can buy the paints from or just google classic artist oils. You may think they are expensive in the caulk tube size but if you are using a limited palette they are really a great value.

Mary Spires said...

Hey Nancy, Elio Camacho is coming to the Beach Art Center next's only $300 for 3 days, want to come down and play. You can stay with me...Love the Blue Cup, Helen Van Wyke said she painted lots of apples before she was allowed to paint portraits.

n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Mary, Darn I would love to but I have too many irons in the fire right now. You are so precious to invite me. You had better keep him in line! You will have a ball with him. Just give him some sweet ice tea and he will be under your spell!