Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Generation Of Hope

Today is inauguration day as we usher in a new generation, a president who is young and our country is putting a lot of hope on his shoulders, a very historic day to celebrate. This painting to me represents a new generation of hope balancing on what has been created by our elders and ancestors. 8x14inches oil on linen on top of gatorboard. c 2008 SOLD

Although the photo looks blurry. It is not. the painting is done n a very impressionistic style with loose brush work.


Nancy Redman said...

I did leave a comment and it didn't get posted!!! I love this painting! It reminds me of hope and our children - I love ALL your work, but this just strikes a cord within me - and by the way - the painting of the girl with her father DOES look like you and your dad - even though I don't remember him dressing that way - the man still carries himself the way I remember your father carrying himself - a wonderful portrait - even unintentional!

n. rhodes harper said...

Nancy, My dear dear friend. Thank you so much for your kind words. The painting is sort of representational of how we have and always will as mothers hold our chilren up and support them. There are very few of my friends who knew my dad and Idon't get to speak of him often because it has been so long ago. It means so much to me that you recognize this in the painting. You know daddy always wore a uniform to work in the sign shop so he never did dress that way But maybe he does in my dreams. Love you Nancy