Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miss Priss

I have been working hard on trying to set up myself for approaching galleries. I have been gathering my paintings, choosing the best, framing, and painting a bit larger than these daily paintings. I am going to get back into the habit of painting a small 6x6 warm up to post here and be available for sale on boundless gallery. the rest of my work I am not sure if I am going to post until it is sold in a gallery or if it is posted, it will have to be purchased through the gallery. I am very close to my accomplishment but more on that later. Paper work ugh! Gathering the necessary forms, licenses, organizing inventory is taking up a huge amount of time right now but I am hoping when it is in order I will be able to have a day for business and the rest for painting as well as maintaining daily life responsibilities. 6x6 oil on hardboard. c 2009. S110.00
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Not Returned

Unrequited love. 8x10 oil on pintura board. Rich brush stokes. Limited palette. c2009

View this piece and many others at the Artist Challenge site.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Steele Street Old Town

The finished painting. I am going to go back and refresh myself with some studies of perspective. I don't know why but I am slanting vertical lines slightly the the left.I think the light in this painting turned out well. It was difficult not to use too much white when the sun was shining on the house so brightly and the house was very close in color to a tonal white with white trim. My friend Elio tells me to stay away from the white. 11x14 oil on linen c2009 NFS at this time.

I reposted the photo as the image was blurry and did not show the brush strokes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Steele St. In Progress

I just started this one yesterday "en plein air" and then I had to stop. Today it is overcast and gloomy so I will stay inside and finish it. The house is such a strange color, I will really have to push my values on this one. All of the trim was white the house is a pale pale almost pinkish taupe. Even the window trim is pale. I did recieve an commission while I was painting in our historic district yesterday. Lot's of other people wanted my card. I think if I wnet to a different street to paint everyday, I would have a lot of business! I am going to write more about the "smARTist" telesummit soon. It was wonderful and so much information to process. I highly suggest that everyone try it next year, it is worth the money and you suddenly become more aware of those opportunity doors opening that you may have ignored in the past. Plus you can attend in your pj's in your own home. If you don't have time for it live, you can download it to keep and listen to over and over. The coaches were wonderful and it was so organized. More on that later. The number 1 marketing suggestion is Facebook people! You won't believe who is on there and who my friends now are. Some of the huge names in the painting world up close and personal! It is fun to check in on all of the other artists and old friends. Great groups to have discussion with as well and it is free. I am still trying for the best paintings to enter into a couple of competitions and that old evil perfectionist bug is nagging at me even though I know there is no such thing. I used to be petrified by it. If a painting wasn't my idea of perfect, I wouldn't paint at all! I wasted so much time with this stupid way of thinking. Instead of painting and growing, I stopped. Maybe a subconscious way to sabbatoge myself or a fear of success, I don't know. Any way, I have now moved on and time is what it is an I am loving painting any way they come out I am growing everyday even at 56!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I am working on some paintings to show galleries and enter in a couple of competitions. I can't post them because they need to be fresh paintings and not previously published. I am having a really hard time as I think I am pressuring myself for their quality too much. I pulled this painting out of an older post in this blog. It has alot of texture and the colors are bright. Enjoy! oil on pintura board 6x8 c.2007