Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Artful Dodger

I love the effect of light on the bikers back. Backgrounds are always a challenge to me. How much detail do you put in ? How much do you leave out and just indicate an impression of an object? Some of the many decisions you have to make. If you listed all of the things you have to remember while doing a painting it could be overwhelming to even begin. It is the love of the process and the final result that keeps me trying over and over. 10x10 oil c2009 available for purchase from Renaissance Gallery in Northport, Alabama.


Vern Schwarz said...

Hi Nancy, I really enjoyed seeing this piece and reading of your interest in this subject. I've taken about forty or a hundred photos of cyclists in the last couple of weeks, (I was away) and can hardly wait to try a few of these ideas
in paint. You always do amazing figures or portraits in your paintings that I connect with immediately. Love your work.

n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Vern, Thankyou so much you are so king your work is amazing. I can't wait to see some of your cyclists. I needed to read these kind words right now because I am having some anxiety over a figurative commission and I don't know why. It is like I am frozen! lol Do you ever get that way?

Edward Burton said...

Wonderful piece, Nancy, it has a great sense of light to it.