Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chlotilde Looks Inquisitive

Just finished this little painting. I am obsessed with Paris these days. I want to paint there so bad. I want to paint the people! I imagined this persons name is Chlotilde, someone who walks in the park with little white gloves, red sweater and gray wool skirt with little black ballerina flats. She will be available in Daily PaintWorks. 6x6 oil on board ©2011 Thanks for looking

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blonde Barbie by Nancy Rhodes Harper

First of all I would like to thank my followers I appreciate you all so much and Welcome to new followers! In keeping with the Barbie Doll theme I thought the original Blonde Barbie should have her place in this series. It is difficult for me to translate a toy with a face to canvas and have it look like a toy. The color palette helps with vibrant choices. I am having a lot of fun painting these little gems for whimsy. If you are interested she is for sale at Daily Paint Works and the link to my DPW gallery is to the right on the side bar. 6x6 oil on board. Thanks for looking! I hope everyone has a healthy happy Thanksgiving here in the states!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Barbie Doll by Nancy Rhodes Harper

My painting is a painting of the Barbie Doll that I once had, not from life but as I remember her. I gave Barbie away to another little girl to enjoy many years ago. I remember my summers with Nancy Ward. We were Barbie fiends. We took them everywhere. At the swimming pool they would lay out on washcloths for towels, they rode around in comfort right in our bicycle baskets. We used to design and make all of their clothes. Nancy and I would go to the local mercantile to buy fabric. They sold us a strip of fabric about 6 inches deep and 36 inches wide for 5 cents! My dad took me to the store before school started one day to buy Barbie so I would be able to take her to school with me. I will always love you Barbie and I miss you too!